The Purpose of a Villain (Muahahahaha)


A throwback to a post I did called How to Teach A Villain New Tricks. Not all of the above applies, nor should we bend every antagonist or villain to fit every point, but it is good to have “sparks” that help our minds better shape our bad guy or gal.


A writer gleaning on antagonists


My focus is on story – always – but we still have to use some tools, modified as needed, to draw in readers and to make those emotional connections.


Quote taken from an older post, How to teach a villain new tricks.

My current writing playlist

I’m working on book 2, Oswald Spoon and the Resurrection of Pixel Face, The ResQ 2.0, in my Oswald Spoon series/sequel (not sure if it’ll be two or three books yet).

Music is so inspiring and stirs emotion and has that nostalgia effect. Moves my heart so deeply. Gotta have my music.

Here’s my current writing playlist:

What music do you like to write to?

You are a writer…woven into you DNA


You are a writer…

…woven into your DNA – hardwired into the inner workings of your brain – heart and soul – born to create. An unquenchable create or die thing lives inside a writer. Settling on the wrong career path feels like dying a slow death. There’s a complete lack of peace to the very marrow of our bones and a voice shouting within to change direction – to write. “Tell your stories,” the voice reminds us again and again.


Taken from an older post on mine, The necessity of your existence as a writer