A writer gleaning on antagonists


My focus is on story – always – but we still have to use some tools, modified as needed, to draw in readers and to make those emotional connections.


Quote taken from an older post, How to teach a villain new tricks.

Oswald Spoon and the Trouble with Invisibility, ebook ON SALE 99 cents, Feb 1 to Feb 14, 2017


“Driven by family tragedy, twelve year old Oswald Spoon invents a material that bends light rendering the wearer of a suit made of it invisible. Only all his hard work becomes an invitation to a world of trouble and pain.

Will he ever find the answer to the one question that has nearly destroyed him and his family?

This Middle Grade mystery adventure is filled with intrigue and laugh out loud humor. Fall in love Oswald and his friends in this action packed, nail-biting, twisty-turny, hits-you-right-in-the-heart, just can’t put it down read.”

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My current writing playlist

I’m working on book 2, Oswald Spoon and the Resurrection of Pixel Face, The ResQ 2.0, in my Oswald Spoon series/sequel (not sure if it’ll be two or three books yet).

Music is so inspiring and stirs emotion and has that nostalgia effect. Moves my heart so deeply. Gotta have my music.

Here’s my current writing playlist:

What music do you like to write to?