The Purpose of a Villain (Muahahahaha)


A throwback to a post I did called How to Teach A Villain New Tricks. Not all of the above applies, nor should we bend every antagonist or villain to fit every point, but it is good to have “sparks” that help our minds better shape our bad guy or gal.


Whatever works for each writer is the right way


Every writer is vastly different so no approach is wrong. Some may prefer great order and organization pre-novel writing with detailed outlines and some just sit and write with only slivers of the story to work with. Whatever works for each writer is the right way.


Quote taken from an older post of mine Dear Writers, Be un-stifled you


You are a writer…woven into you DNA


You are a writer…

…woven into your DNA – hardwired into the inner workings of your brain – heart and soul – born to create. An unquenchable create or die thing lives inside a writer. Settling on the wrong career path feels like dying a slow death. There’s a complete lack of peace to the very marrow of our bones and a voice shouting within to change direction – to write. “Tell your stories,” the voice reminds us again and again.


Taken from an older post on mine, The necessity of your existence as a writer



Defying the laws of GRAMMARty


Defying the laws of GRAMMARty

To add a certain “character” to a character, it’s fun to play with words, create hybrid words, and (shock and awe) use incorrect grammar in their speech to make them more memorable or give him or her just the right quirk.

“That’s all I can stands. I can’t stands no more.” – Popeye

Gleanings for MGLit and YALit writers


Gleanings for writers…

Writing for middle grade or teen and YA readers? Research middle grade or teen & YA “mindset” to incorporate emotional connections with your GREAT story idea.


Having said that FEAR and dangerous circumstances also works well. That’s why I like to say “glean” when referring to writing advice and tips. It could help your story or work against it in some cases. But the “mindset” research could be the spark you need to help get your story rolling or add more depth and emotion to your characters.