D.L. Perching is the author of fiction and non-fiction. She enjoys writing about irresistibly quirky tween and teen characters with endearing weaknesses and strengths who face unlikely situations they never imagined they’d face, let alone overcome.

She brings to her books the importance of true friendship, self acceptance, and the discovery of being comfortable in one’s own skin – “as it’s those things that we think others might not like about us that become our greatest gifts to the world.”

Her story ideas come from her intuitive, deeply feeling nature as a highly creative person and an unquenchable imagination. Weaving humor throughout, readers will enjoy the journeys her characters take and might even consider them close friends.

When she’s not breaking writing rules and creating word hybrids, she enjoys spending time with her son and two rescue pets, an always nearby cat and a sweet highly considerate dog. She also enjoys a strong cup of coffee with the perfect amount of cream and sugar, reading, the Good Book, and following Jesus.

Her first book, a middle grade mystery adventure novel, Oswald Spoon and the Trouble With Invisibility, is out now.

Click on image of book below to get your copy (paperback or ebook) at Amazon!

Oswald Spoon and the Trouble with Invisibility

Update: Haven’t had time to post in awhile, prayerfully considering what to even blog about. Having a significant relapse of the chronic fatigue these days and need to focus on using my strength to work and parent my ASD son.

Hope to get back here soon! ❤




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