Some thief person stole my t-shirt content AND description

The other day I received a notice from that one of my t-shirt campaigns was suspended for using third party content. I believe some thief person is trying to hijack my design, content, and description as their own. They suspended the regular tee version of the t-shirt, but this women’s one has the same design. This is my content, design, and description next to it.

My description reads:

Magician. Writer. Same Thing.

Writers will fall in love with this women’s t-shirt. A wonderful reminder of the magic it takes to create stories. Conjuring worlds and characters from nothing, making them appear magically on the page. Yeah, that’s the life of a writer.

Writing is magic.

screenshot of MY WORDS stolen 2


I went to the teespring. com site scratching my head as to what I did ‘wrong’ then had a thought to search for my t-shirt by name, and sure enough, this sad, sad person who who can’t come up with his or her own ideas stole my content AND copied the description associated with it word for word.


Here is the image of the sad, sad individual lacking in conscience who stole from me and most likely does this often. They copied and pasted the description I wrote and claimed it as their own as well.

screesshot of thief stealing my content 2


I filed a counter complaint. Please pray that their tees and products with my content is taken down and mine returned to normal as they also said they’d be refunding the customers for the shirt they suspended.

People can be so horrible. Lord, I pray that you touch the heart of that thief, bring conviction upon him or her to see it as it is – stealing, and that this wrong is made right for me by teespring.

UPDATE 6/20/17:

Well, I discovered that my t-shirts campaign was suspended because of a tag for ‘Harry Potter’ – I had corrected some past ‘not allowed’ tags in the past but I have 100 plus t-shirt campaigns and missed this one. I had no idea a ‘tag’ was considered content. So, I recreated my t-shirt with no forbidden tags, super generic tags, and all is well with it now.

Anyhow, if my shirt campaign had not been suspended for my mistake, then I never would have found the thief person above. I am very happy to report that that teesping suspended the the above thief person’s campaign. 🙂 Thanks, Teespring.

But alas, I found another t-shirt like mine (same exact text but with bold font and a different wand) that appeared soon after I made this original blog post. So lazy and wrong to take people’s ideas and use and claim them as their own. I reported it, too. Of course, I cannot police the entire internet for my t-shirt content being stolen, but these were found right on teespring, and it’s easy to report on their site. Thankfully.

Here’s my t-shirt, and I added ORIGINAL to the title (which hopefully some swiper won’t come along and claim as well).

magician writer same thing


2 thoughts on “Some thief person stole my t-shirt content AND description

  1. Wow, what an utterly sh*tty thing to do. I hope this girl has an awakening about stealing from others. Praying for you, ms weirdness, that balance is restored to the universe and the offender is dealt with appropriately.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too. So pathetic to do that to someone. Go for a walk, get your own ideas thief person, don’t steal mine. They better put mine back up. It’s like the person hijacked mine and reported me as the bad guy. Don’t know the details yet. Thank you 🙂


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