You’ve been given a gift


I believe we all have gifts that we are meant to nurture and develop and share with others. That gift may be in the form of some life experience, creative art, humor, writing. The options are endless.

Sometimes, we happen upon our gift. I was reading, Look Me in the Eye, by John Elder Robison. He’s written books from the perspective of an Aspergian which helped me and many others better understand the way a person with Asperger’s processes information. Not as if they are all the same. But it reminded me that we ALL process information in vastly different ways. Hooray! I can only imagine that hardly anything would have been accomplished throughout history if we all processed things the same or all had similar interests and giftings. There’s a purpose behind our differences that is connected with each of our callings and purpose. Mr. Robison, in his youth, happened upon a car in the middle of the woods and discovered he had an incredible gift for repairing them and figuring out how to make things work. For a season of his life, he toured with the band, Kiss, and did genius work with their sound system and special effects.

Our gifts can be revealed to us at a young age as in a child with perfect pitch who sits down at a piano and like magic can play anything she or he hears. Some of us discover our gifts over time. Some by process of elimination. And there are even “giftings messengers” in our lives who say things to us like, “You write so well. You should be a writer.” It can be just the spark we need to say, “Hey, maybe I should. I’ve always loved to write but never thought of it as anything but a hobby.” Any book lover can tell you of the massive impact books have made in their lives. Some stories, including fiction, are life changing.

Just know that we all have gifts and talents that will help order our steps on the right path toward that dream, that thing we do that makes us come alive.

For me, it’s writing.


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