R.I.P. Finn my beautiful betta fish


A sad day. You’re with Jesus now, Finn, our sweet betta fish swimming in rivers of living water. The image is not so good (Kindle camera), but she had a beautiful face and was brought to me and my son in the form of a miracle.

We visited a church and during that time my son was having a difficult time. I didn’t know it then, but he’s on the spectrum and as you all know kids can be cruel, even brutal – bullies. It wasn’t an easy thing for him to go and try to mingle with anyone at that time.

The middle school aged youth group had a game night. They played bingo. I prayed he’d have a good time and enjoy himself. He hadn’t in awhile. The game began, and a fish, the one pictured above immediately caught his eye. He wanted to win that fish. The only one there.

Meanwhile, I continued to pray, unaware of his heart’s desire. My kind tenderhearted son who loves animals. The games were over after an hour or so – they played several rounds – and I saw my son approaching me with a huge grin on his face. He said, “I won this. Other kids kept winning over and over, and on the last game I won this fish. I prayed that I’d win it, and I did. No one else got it. I did.”

It might seem like a small thing to someone reading this, but it was exactly what my son needed – to be lifted up. To have God smile upon Him. To feel loved.

A little while later, I told him that I prayed for him the entire time he was in there. I know God heard our prayers. Sometimes, it’s the little things that bless our hearts in HUGE ways.

I’ll miss Finn’s pretty face. She had her own special fish personality and always swam to the glass to see us when we got close. We had her just under two years. Is that a long time in betta fish years? I have no idea, but she was a constant reminder that small blessings can make a difference in our lives. We didn’t go back to that church. It wasn’t for us – too big, but it was an appointment God set eons ago to bring Finn into our lives and to cause my son to feel His love.

*tears* I’ll miss you Finn. We both will.


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