Help support authors – a portion of the proceeds goes to Nth Degree – The Fiction & Fandom ‘Zine

I’m so excited about this because I believe we should help each other suceed.

I’ve created a t-shirt and apparel shop for all things Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror and a portion of the proceeds will go to support the Nth Degree – The Fiction & Fandom ‘Zine From their site, they are “a fanzine. Nobody is compensated for their work…Any ads that appear in the zine are run entirely as favors to contributors and friends….Since we started, our goal has been to promote up-and-coming new science-fiction/fantasy authors and artists and to support the world of fandom and conventions.”

nth degree logo

I love anything that helps get the world out to help authors, and I’m glad to give back to that cause as we know running sites and an entire ezine (fanzine), etc. isn’t free.

Please check out the  Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror Writer shop – new stuff coming to it soon – you will see each item tagged ND so I know where each purchase is coming from.

Nth Degree fanzine

Please check out Nth Degree’s newly designed website here.  You’ll find all sort of great stories from authors and aspiring authors.

Nth Degree also kindly linked to my site from their site here.

Thank so much!


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