Writers, ignore the odds and write those books

mglit author

I read so much on “only this teeny tiny percentage of writers are ever successful.” I ignore every such claim. Proceed to pretend you didn’t just read that and write on!

Storytelling and character creation isn’t anything a writer can just exorcise from within.  It is part of who we are – woven into DNA – and stifling it can literally make us depressed and unwell.

So, my debut novel, a middle grade action adventure mystery type, is coming out later this year, and I’m beyond excited about it. And because I’m me, my mind has been working over time about everything that entails.

That entire thought wormhole led me to want to narrate my own book. <= Again, some say that’s  a ‘no no’ to which I say, I don’t care. I love breaking every rule regarding what the mainstream tries to dictate about writing to do’s and don’ts. All of it hinders me. Makes me think too much. Messes with my writing anyway.

Life has shaped me into a warrior. Especially life as a frugal-by-necessity single mom (in my case solo mom…as I’ve raised my son alone…as in haven’t co-parented since my son was a toddler. He is now 15 <= a long sad harrowing story that is too long to tell).

So I have learned how to do stuff, figuring it all out as I go. And the stuff I will be figuring out involves this great thing I picked up from the library today for one of my character voices…Acting With An Accent….

kidlit mglit author

It’s a book/CD combo for a particular accent (labeled on the side), but that part is still a surprise. The audiobook version won’t release when the paperback and eBook release but hopefully within a few months after.

Write on warriors. Ignore the naysayers and haters and write on!

On that note…one of my favorite songs…suits this warrior well:


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