Something magical, miraculous even, happened when I wrote the last chapter of my first book…

About a year ago I wrote a post called, More to My Writing Dreams Than My Own Success, and I read about Gwen Stefani’s Instagram post the other day where she pulled a kid who was getting bullied up on stage where she said, “About 3 years ago when things were hard in my life I prayed to God everyday that I could get a chance to use my gift that God gave me and make a difference in some way in this world – last night this little guy was the answer to my prayers.”

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Just as it was a year ago from my post, I still pray that God not only gives me success but that He uses it to “make a difference in some way in the world” as well.

My first book Oswald Spoon and the Trouble With Invisibility is a Mystery Sci-Fi middle grade/tween novel not of the faith variety (though I have some story ideas for the future that are). I prayed through the entire writing of this book that God would use it in some way to touch lives. That could mean through helping a child love reading, be inspired to become an author, make them laugh and lift off depression, etc.

For the most part, I knew the ending to my book about halfway through writing it, but when I actually sat down to finish it something amazing happened – a miracle. I cannot reveal what it is without giving it away. But it’s beautiful, and I sat at the computer and literally wept. Now when I step back and look at my book, there’s this beautiful thread running through it that will touch hearts.

I’m still editing this book (gosh so hard), but I can’t wait for kids and kids at heart to read it. And my continual prayer for every book I write will be that God uses my gift to make a difference in my readers’ lives in some way.

Oswald Spoon and the Trouble with Invisibility

Coming 2016

A portion of the proceeds for this book will be donated to The International Justice Mission who rescues children, etc. from human trafficking, fights to bring these despicable slave-owners, traffickers, and criminals to justice as well as helps to restore and bring healing to the victims.


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