Awesome Twitter pal sent me a pic of my Magician. Writer. Same Thing. T-Shirt that he ordered

Okay. This never gets old.

Another customer, Mike Dunne, Twitter pal and super cool person (because he’s deeply involved in a clean water ministry project for the poor and ministry to post-earthquake-still-badly-hurting- from-it Haiti) tweeted me this super fun bookscape, featuring one of my t-shirts.

I’m always thankful for the kindness of others to take the time to give me feedback on one of my shirts.

magician writer same thingYou can find Mike online at Michael Dunne Writes > where you’ll find that he provides professional writing services and is working on his first novel series, New Kingdoms.

This is the clean water ministry he’s involved with which I have been thankfully able to make a couple modest donations to from the sale of my t-shirts.

“Blessed are those who considers the poor;
The Lord will deliver them in time of trouble.
The Lord will preserve them and keep them alive,
And they will be blessed on the earth” – Psalm 41:1-2


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