I Dearly Love Deryth Vine’s Publication Story

As a writer, I’ve always been fascinated by publication stories. What was that author’s journey to publication? I love all the intricate details, the ups, the downs, the rejections that ended up being blessings in disguise.

I’ve met lovely people on social media of all places and have made genuine connections with some whom I’d consider friends. I connected with a wonderful couple Tony Laing and Deryth Vine on Twitter and learned of how her first children’s book to a 66 year journey before the world was able to meet her beloved children’s book character Fiskers the Field Mouse.

From their Tanglin Publishing website:

“We are a small company formed in 2013 to publish ‘Fiskers meets Santa Claus’, a children’s book written by my wife Deryth in 1947, when she was 13 years old.

In August 2013, it came to light when her sister, Elaine, moved up to Lincoln to be near us and when unpacking, handed back the original book in pristine condition. This book had followed Elaine from Singapore, where it had been conceived, written and illustrated to England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, back to Singapore and finally to the United Kingdom.

We decided as she had taken so much care over the 66 years, we ought to publish! This was published and printed in 2013.”

I love stories like this. Those books that must be born. Despite the possibility of getting lost somewhere, Fiskers Meets Santa Claus traveled the world, safely tucked away, awaiting its appointment to be discovered once again. Beautifully, during those 66 years, Deryth was a foster mom to many children in the U.K., and I think little Fiskers was patiently waiting his turn whilst the little ones needed a momma to care for them.

And with all due and the utmost respect for this lovely older couple, I love that the publishing of this first book 66 years in the making led them to make a series of it as a new career later in life. They then published the second book, Fiskers and The Ice Queen’s Palace with a third book in the series Fiskers and the Goblin City due out soon.

I adore how Deryth’s husband, Tony, fully supports her writing career and takes her and Fiskers out on book tours around their home in the U.K. They truly inspired me to keep going.

I’ve reviewed both of her books (below) and look forward to the third. I hope you love this publication story as much as I do.

Fiskers Meets Santa Claus book review

Fiskers meets Santa Claus

Fiskers and The Ice Queen’s Palace book review

Fiskers and the Ice Queen Palace

Learn more about Fiskers The Field Mouse at their website http://www.tanglinpublishing.com/


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