On being a slow writer

Love this. Don’t get discouraged by your pace. There are many famous and well read slow writers.

80,000 words

Peeler Lake!

In the world of food, “slow” might be a good thing: there’s a slow cooker preparing your meals from dawn to dusk and welcoming you home to hot prepared food, slow braising (mrmmm braised short ribs), slow food (no fast food!) and a slow year (my friend is living such a thing–living life as a freegan and deciding not to pay for anything but bare necessities). In this context, slow is a good thing.

Being a slow writer? Not so good–in fact, downright discouraging.  I was once at a writing residency where a Famous Writer would announce her wordcount each evening at the dinner table, around which all the writers would sit (so there was no escaping her announcement). Some nights, she would announce 5,000 words, other nights 3,000 words, never falling below 2,000 words written each day. Argh, I thought. What was a polite way to say, “Please shut…

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