How I Overcame My Adverb Aversion As A Writer

I use adverbs when I write who caresAll throughout history, people wrote stories without the help of writing courses and strict writing rules.

They just wrote.

And they learned to write by reading and writing of all things. I overcame my adverb aversion by reading tons of excellent stories with more than their fair share of adverbs. Many of them were bestsellers.

Honestly, if the story is good, I don’t even notice the adverbs. Jane Austen learned to write by extensive reading and letter writing. I believe excessive writing rules only hinders me as a writer because I can hyper focus on them too much when I’m writing.

So don’t fear the adverb. Lovingly add some lovely adverbs where you see fit, but just make sure you tell an awesomely good story.

And besides, I was never one to embrace someone telling me what all the writing rules SHOULD be. It messes up my flow.

Be free, dear writers, adverbs and all.


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