Sharing the Knowledge from My Fibromyalgia Journey

I have this thing called fibromyalgia – characterized by widespread pain and a myriad of other weird symptoms. But that’s not what this post is about.

I want my life to be about how I can help and encourage others, how I can do good with the life God gave me, even how I can use the pain and lessons for the good of others, so I want to share what I’m learning from my visits to doctors, natural and nutritional medicine practitioners and other long time sufferers.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way that I’m not going to get the care I need unless I find out as much as I can about this condition. Basic tests that should be ordered by the doctors aren’t. I want to know the biochemistry behind my symptoms and treat them as naturally as possible instead of introducing additional chemicals into my body through prescription drugs.

After seeing multiple doctors and specialists, seeing them for five minutes then having them write me a script and asking to see me in three months ticks me off. Some tests, if done, could answer the questions to some of our symptoms and even reverse them – not cure fibromyalgia – but actually bring relief. I got fed up, so I’m at the beginning stages of the journey to figuring stuff out and get strong again. I refuse to give up.

Before I get into the things I’ve learned so far, I’m so sorry if you’re suffering from this and your friends and family treat you like you’re overreacting or that your spouse or loved one has threatened to leave you or has left you because you’re not able to do the things you used to do. I’ve read posts on Facebook so many times about cruel family members, and it’s horrible. You’re worth more. Your value has not lessened. Your worth is not tied up in what you do, it’s who you are. You’re here for a reason and to them you can say:

fibromyalgia help and understanding

Labwork that your doctors should have ordered but haven’t because they’re trying to stretch out visits to make more money off of us, and prefer to drug us instead of finding out the whys (Yes, I’m cynical about doctors at this point. Fine, there are some good doctors out there who care, but they’re a rarity.), Click links to find out more. Knowledge is power for us:

  • Magnesium RBC – Many are magnesium deficient despite healthy eating as soil is also deficient in magnesium. Normal levels help with pain.
  • Candida – This is yeast overgrowth in the body. Have maddening phantom itching for no apparent reason, no rash, no bug bites? This could be why. Many symptoms in the article I linked to are common in fibromyalgia.
  • MThFR – Yeah, I know what it looks like, but what it really is a test to see if your gene for methylation is defective. It’s explained well in this article, MTHFR Gene: The missing link for Depression, Fibromyalgia, IBS and more. Dr. Becky Andres says, “The good news is that the enzyme deficiency is correctable using a special form of folate (a B vitamin) in very high doses (available by prescription).”
  • A full viral panel – This includes tests like the Epstein Barr which may indicate you have overlapping Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Having answers is so helpful.
  • Hormonal panel – again more answers that may explain some of your symptoms to prevent us from getting on meds that aren’t going to help us.
  • Thyroid Testing – Some preliminary thyroid tests come back normal, and unfortunately doctors give up there. For a true picture of your thyroid, these are all the tests for a full thyroid work-up: TSH, Free T3 & Free T4, Anti-TPO, Anti-thyroglobulin, Reverse T3, Total T3, Micronutrient Analysis (intracellular), Basal Body.

Be your own advocate. No one’s going to care as much about your health but you. I’m beginning to meet people who have improved greatly with less flares. If this doesn’t apply to you, please share with someone it may help, though I do recommend this video about magnesium to everyone as prevention of future health issues:

I’m exceedingly nerdy and really enjoyed this video and the science behind it. Either way, it’s great info.


8 Replies to “Sharing the Knowledge from My Fibromyalgia Journey”

  1. This is exactly what I needed to read right now! Excellent post with so much great specific advice.
    I was looking for specific information on Fibro for a friend who may have it, and I thank you for taking the time to write this. Spoonie hugs.

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    1. Gosh, so thankful I thought to post it tonight. That’s exactly what we need to do. Help each other. Especially preventing unnecessary medications is important because most side effects are the same as the symptoms of fibromyalgia which is crazy. I want to know why not just, without question, accept what the doctors says. Somethings can be helped nutritionally and with nutrients. Maybe not cured but much much improved. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

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      1. I’m so grateful you shared it when you did! Definitely meant to be, as yours was first on the page when I searched Fibro in WordPress that night.
        You put together an excellent info page for anyone who thinks they might have Fibro- which is A LOT of people right now! Excellent post šŸ™‚

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  2. This is a great post. I have a friend who has the same condition. I’m sharing on FB for sure.

    Good for you that you don’t want to just take the drugs and muddle through.

    I’m pulling for you, all the way, in this journey of better health.


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  3. Yeah, the video explains why drugs lose their effectiveness after about 6 weeks. Interesting stuff. But the crazy thing is the side effefts for fibromyalgia most meds are the same as the symptoms we already have. So far meds made me worse or so sedated I couldn’t get out of bed. Thank you.


    1. Yeah, I’ve just read that people with sensitivity to sulfites can’t do Epsom Salt baths but they can soak using the magnesium flakes. I take magnesium internally too. The powder. I hope you find the answers to improve as much as possible.


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