More to My Writing Dreams Than My Own Success

writing community writers amwriting As a single mom, who’s been shaken, stirred, beaten down but not out, struggled, walked ten steps forward only to be knocked fifteen back, lost everything material but eventually replaceable due to illness, I can so relate to this.

Suffering begets the ability to see the suffering. As a writer, part of my dreaming big about writing success isn’t only about financial stability, it’s about better being able to help my fellow human beings.

Check out this wonderful video. Impossible not to be touched:

We Make a Life by What We Give

May your writing success be a blessing to you, yours, and those in need who cross your path or better yet, seek them out and bless without judgment.


7 Replies to “More to My Writing Dreams Than My Own Success”

  1. Awe! I just watched this! It gave me the chills and I legit almost shed a tear. STILL have the chills. Thanks so much for sharing this girl. I just shared it with my family ❤ It just goes to show you the ones that have the LESS are the ones more likely to give ALL they have and more. Wake up call.

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    1. So true. Glad it touched your heart. Because those with little to nothing know the pangs of hunger, shame, judgment. Beautiful video. It’s my dream to be a blessing to single moms raising fatherless children.


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