Dear Writers, Be Un-stifled You


The moment I saw this online, I loved it both for everyday life and what and how I choose to write.

I wish someone was around to whisper those words to the younger less wise version of myself – like every day all throughout the day.

I love my father, but he was raised by a militant authoritarian style father and consequently decided to repeat unhealthy family patterns with his children.

It’s funny (or not really that funny) that as a result of being so stifled as a child – not allowed to express myself or my opinion without severe consequences or it being wrongly interpreted as rebellion or disobedience – that I LOVE to write and express myself creatively with words.

I lived in fear as a child and it manifested itself in past relationships as a person who was afraid to express her feelings and true heart – kind of like the first 00:43 of this video and much worse really…

I learned the hard way that being stifled was no way to live, left a very abusive marriage when my son was four months old, and never looked back.

It was difficult to look inward and wonder how I got myself into such a mess, and it had everything to do with being unintentionally trained from childhood to be stifled, inside the soundproof box I don’t believe my father realized he put me in.

After a marriage to a tormentor, I decided I would never allow myself to be stifled again. I don’t make room or time in my life for people who don’t accept me and my son as we are. My son can express himself and his feelings with me without fear – patterns can be broken.

Don’t be silenced. It will only make you ill.

I will always write what and how I want to. Some will love it. Some will hate it. But I will not stifle myself, or squeeze myself into someone’s box to make them comfortable. It would be the end of me.

Beloved writers, bust open boxes, hedge out toxic people and nay-sayers, and be un-stifled you.

“Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex!
    Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it” – Psalm 139:14.


4 Replies to “Dear Writers, Be Un-stifled You”

  1. It seems sometimes that the more creative or imaginative a person is the more the attract people who seek to oppress them. I don’t think this is accidental. I believe that truly unhappy (miserable) people gravitate to all things free and creative because it scares them and because they have so little light of their own. Just my personal feelings.

    Good post.

    I agree. Bust out.


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    1. I can attest to that. I’m also a kind and sensitive person (not thin-skinned) – some people refer to them as empaths. I was a magnet for oppressive types until my eyes were opened. “Yo, Pharaohs, let my people go!”

      Be off-the-chain, creative one.

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