3 Things That Used to Freak Me Out as a Budget-Busted Indie Author and What I Decided to Do About It

When I got too far ahead of myself and began to dwell on what lies ahead upon completion of my first novel, it used to freak me out and hinder my ability to press forward and do what’s important – write.

I believe in making plans, in seeing what my options are, but I can get obsessive about the details. So, I do quick research on editing and book cover design, then bookmark the article in a folder called editing and cover design of all things or use an app like Pocket and tag it accordingly. All with the intention of reviewing the information later and only a little at a time.

For some, like myself – a single mom and sole provider of my child, a budget for professional editing and a professionally designed book cover is almost nil.

When I’ve read writing craft books and got to the parts where the author says, “Don’t skimp on cover design and editing,” it freaked me out something fierce. But I came to my senses and saw how much it affected my ability to write and this is what I started to do about it.


Just like life, for me writing has to be a “one day at a time” thing. I write for today and don’t burden myself with all the hows regarding the future editing of my book.

Get the book written. I believe when the book is finished, you were clever enough to write a book, you’ll figure out how to get it edited or self-edit it. It’s not impossible. Don’t give up on your dreams because of finances.

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today” Matthew 6:34.

Cover Design

Yeah, no budget for this either. I’ve checked prices and the lowest I can find that would be suitable for my middle grade novel is around $250.00. For now, I’m going to focus on writing my book and figure it out when I arrive near THE END.

Worst case scenario. I’ve figured everything else out in my life. I’ll figure this book cover thing out, too, including doing it myself or possibly barter with a design student by sharing his or her skills with my circles, proper and prominent attributions, do some writing for him or her, etc. I believe in my heart, when the book is finished, the next steps will work themselves out.


This has nothing to do with a budget but has sent a chill or two up my spine when I’ve imagined them. So I’ve decided to ignore the less favorable reviews, reading them only once or may even decide to never read them at all.

Then, I’ll sing what I’m calling my indie author theme song called, I Don’t Care, about those reviews I may or may not refuse to read. By the time reviews are out, I’ll have already started writing my next book:

Not everyone will love my books or unique writing style, but there are plenty amongst the 7.8 billion on the earth who will.


2 thoughts on “3 Things That Used to Freak Me Out as a Budget-Busted Indie Author and What I Decided to Do About It

  1. I couldn’t afford an editor or cover designer for my first book. I think I did an okay job self-editing, but the book cover I made was atrocious. I replaced it with a cover from a stock image via the Kindle Cover Creator, which is better, but still not what I want. My plan was to reinvest any money I made with my writing into a new cover or an editor for my next book. I’ve made like $5 so far. Not looking good.


    1. What are you doing marketing wise? Tried giveaways. Maybe in e-book format. I’ll check out your site. I hope you don’t see this as a reason to give up. Do you use your local library as a free resource for writing craft books that include how to market yourself/author platform info? Offered it for free for some periods?


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