The Necessity of Your Existence as a Writer

eisenhower quote

If the title of this post drew you in, then you know you are a writer – woven into your DNA – hard wired into the inner workings of your brain – heart and soul – born to create.

An unquenchable create or die thing lives inside a writer. Settling on the wrong career path feels like dying a slow painful death. We aren’t even in an attitude where we are not thankful for those horribly suited jobs. We have no choice whether to feel misery or joy in our ill-fitted posts. There’s a complete lack of peace to the very marrow of our bones and a voice shouting within to change direction – to write. “Tell your stories,” the voice reminds us again and again.

I had this strange epiphany yesterday. I made the connection between the Eisenhower quote above, J.K. Rowling, and her non profit organization Lumos. J.K Rowling gets the Harry Potter idea on a train, she eventually founded Lumos, an organization that seeks to protect vulnerable children and orphans who receive outdated care and little if any love. Her writing dreams came true,  the world needs stories as well as a vessel of kindness toward the hurting. This is an example of the necessity of someone’s existence as a writer to this world.

What if our writing isn’t just about us? What if our creative calling is two fold or multi-fold? We get to write, create, tell our stories and be filled with the peace that comes in doing what we were meant to do. But we also get to impact the world in some way as a result of our writing. The necessity of our existence.

Our impact may be that we inspire other writers. Our novel or story could be the very first story someone has ever read and loved. It could be the story that drives them to pursue the writing call within.

I was a late book loving bloomer. I fell in love with books my senior year in high school – the cause, Pat Conroy’s The Prince of Tides. And by process of elimination (all jobs non-writing related), I was a late writing bloomer too.

If you feel that deep undeniable call to create with words, please give into it for necessity’s sake. We never know how we might, by following and participating in our calling as writers, potentially touch and change lives.

A little more…

I love this magical clip from the movie, Magic Beyond Words – The J.K. Rowling Story. It’s the portrayal of the moment Happy Potter pops into her mind. I have the video set to start at the right moment. It’s around 2 minutes or so from that point on.

As a writer and tender-heart, it always moves me deeply, seeing someone’s dreams coming to pass:


9 Replies to “The Necessity of Your Existence as a Writer”

  1. I’m with you. I often think about how no one is expecting me to write. No one is telling me to write and yet I keep writing. It’s not part of my to-do list or a responsibility, yet I must do it. I enjoy it, but it’s more than that, I get an idea and I’ve got to get it on paper.

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    1. Yes. Writers can’t help themselves. And we see the world through a lens of, “How could I use that in a story?” Once we start doing what we are called to do, we just know that we know. Thanks for your comment. Very much appreciated.


    1. Hello Kei-Kei, thanks for reading my blog and for the nice comments. Yes, the clip is from the movie, Magic Beyond Words – The JK Rowling Story. I love that movie. It’s one of the few DVD’s I still own. 😊 Have a wonderful week.

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