Are You a Slow and Steady Writer?

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We might not get that novel written in the time frame we had in mind, but as long as we’re putting one word after the other, we will arrive at THE END.

Writers come in all forms and types. One of the best things I ever did was to decide to never compare my pace of writing to other writers. I proudly consider myself a slow and steady writer. I won’t ever get the “I wrote 10k words in a day t-shirt,” and I’m perfectly alright with that.

I found this post encouraging, On Being a Slow Writer. Maybe, it will encourage you as well.

We’re busy moms, dads, students, full time stay at home parents with kiddos perpetually encircling us, and students, etc. who all have a lot on our plates.

Writing might not happen daily, but we should write anyway even in sessions that only last minutes (possibly hiding from our families in the restroom).

Be gentle with yourself and keep writing.


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