No Matter What, My Son #Poetry #PoetryMonth

No matter how worried.
No matter how scared.
No matter how wrong.
No matter how many mistakes.
Now matter how much patience it takes.
No matter how mad you are at me.
No matter how mad I am at you.
No matter how sensitive.
No matter how loud.
No matter how restless.
No matter how finicky your appetite.
No matter how different.

There’s nothing. No nothing,
That can take my love away from you,
Nor change my heart toward you.
You are my beloved son whom God
So wonderfully, so thoughtfully, had me in mind
When He dreamed you up.

No matter what, my son. I love you without end.
Let these words take root into your heart.
And never ever doubt their truth.


A wonderful mother to son song:


2 Replies to “No Matter What, My Son #Poetry #PoetryMonth”

    1. Thanks, hon. A mother’s love is fierce. I love him so much. He’ll always be my baby boy. I love how Barbra Streisand portrays it in her song too. Always chokes me up. 🙂

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