Fiskers Meets Santa Claus – Book Review

Fiskers meets Santa Claus (Fiskers field mouse, #1)Fiskers meets Santa Claus by Deryth Vine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I adore this children’s book. The story is charming, and the illustrations are precious. The animal characters reminded me of the enjoyment I feel when reading Beatrix Potter stories. The story beautifully demonstrates something that’s so important to me: kindness. Kindness and the true reward of kindness is the act of kindness itself. Kindness touches and warms the heart of this story’s recipient as well as those who love and care for him so much so that there’s a magical display of their gratitude.

As a writer who appreciates stories intended for all ages, this is a great one for anyone, as well as a wonderful way to spend time with a child or grandchild any time or as a bedtime story.

And if you didn’t have a chance to read about the author, this story was written and illustrated by in 1947 when the author was 13 years old but only published recently in 2013. I love book back stories like this.

For young writers and young aspiring authors, they’d find the history of this book to be greatly inspiring as well.


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