17 Harry Potter Inspired Ambient Sounds – Inspiration for Magical Fantasy Writers #HarryPotter #KidLit #FanFiction

inspiration for fiction writers
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


I have people I’m related to whom I live with and can’t force to keep their volume control to nil, so I’m a big fan of ambient sounds when writing.

Some ambient sounds, I play alone, and some I blend with instrumental music or nature sounds normally steady rain by opening another tab on my computer.

The Harry Potter s

Here are 17 Harry Potter inspired ambient sounds which can be adjusted as according to volume, preference, and frequency:

  1. Slytherin Common Room
  2. Gryffindor Common Room
  3. Ravenclaw Common Room
  4. Hufflepuff Common Room
  5. Hogwarts Library
  6. The Great Hall
  7. Cozy Ravenclaw Common Room
  8. Storm on the Hogwarts Express
  9. Ravenclaw Common Room (created by another user)
  10. Study Like a Slytherin
  11. Night at Hogwarts Castle
  12. A Stormy Night at the Leaky Cauldron
  13. Gryffindor Fireplace
  14. Slytherin Dorm at Night
  15. Ravenclaws Having a Debate
  16. Hogwarts Express
  17. Ravenclaw Tower

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