The Miracle of Writing

For story ideas, I normally get a title first, but sometimes I get an idea then a title soon after. I jot down notes, use baby books or names or hybrids of those names or names I happen upon as characters.

My stories blossom and develop as I sit down to write. More ideas drop into my head when relaxing. I also get ideas while reading other books that are nothing like what I’d read. Reading does that for me.

When I began writing my current novel, I was playing around with some ideas and story directions in my mind. At the time, I was reading a dystopian novel (one of the Hunger Games) and listening to Divergent in my car.

An great idea popped into my head, and within a few days I was on Amazon and came across a book with almost the exact same idea. I was discouraged, and scrapped that direction for my story.

But I now have a new outlook on story:

crafting fiction and writer encouragementMaybe it was meant to be because I like the direction my novel is taking.

But I recently got a revelation regarding “an infinite number of stories.” So I may have come up with a similar idea to an already published book, but I know I would’ve written it in an entirely different way had I decided to go with it. Writers shouldn’t allow it to discourage them but rather challenge them to stretch their imaginations even further.

Writers are still finding ways to spin vampire stories and will never stop.

This encourages me.

P.S. When I was searching for my Tweet from yesterday only a few moments ago:

I came across this article called, The Miracle of Writing as a search result.

I unknowingly came up with the exact title, The Miracle of Writing. There aren’t many original ideas really, but it’s what each individual writer will do with that idea that will be vastly and miraculously different.


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