Help support authors – a portion of the proceeds goes to Nth Degree – The Fiction & Fandom ‘Zine

I’m so excited about this because I believe we should help each other suceed.

I’ve created a t-shirt and apparel shop for all things Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror and a portion of the proceeds will go to support the Nth Degree – The Fiction & Fandom ‘Zine From their site, they are “a fanzine. Nobody is compensated for their work…Any ads that appear in the zine are run entirely as favors to contributors and friends….Since we started, our goal has been to promote up-and-coming new science-fiction/fantasy authors and artists and to support the world of fandom and conventions.”

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I love anything that helps get the world out to help authors, and I’m glad to give back to that cause as we know running sites and an entire ezine (fanzine), etc. isn’t free.

Please check out the  Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror Writer shop – new stuff coming to it soon – you will see each item tagged ND so I know where each purchase is coming from.

Nth Degree fanzine

Please check out Nth Degree’s newly designed website here.  You’ll find all sort of great stories from authors and aspiring authors.

Nth Degree also kindly linked to my site from their site here.

Thank so much!

A Law of Writerprocity #01

mglit fiction author D.L. Perching

This is so blasted true.

I recently read a book dedication and wish I would have written down or notated which author gave it, but it went something like this (paraphrase)…

Dedication: “To my wife and children without whom I would have finished writing this book two to three years ago.”

I bloody busted out laughing. With family, whom we love dearly of course and understand the pauses that need to be taken when they, um, need to eat and important stuff like that, finding writing time while working and raising a child is difficult. Not only that, my widowed mother lives with us, and dear Lord Jesus forgive me, but she needs a lot of help too – All. The. Time. – and she’s young and in perfect health and has more energy than I do (#fibromyalgiaproblems) – she’s only 66.

As an aside, one should not depend on his/her spouse to do everything or most things for them. Best to learn how to do stuff oneself, everything possible, learning new things always, so in the event that the spouse is no longer around, their possibly not always in so good health, single mother daughter or son, etc. etc. doesn’t have to bear the load of doing everything his/her spouse used to do.

The load is too much for me, and I often have to tell my mother ‘I can’t help you right now’ leaving her with a long accumulating list for me to take care of and a pressure on me that can be utterly stifling. <= Though, I’ve written a hefty amount of notes on this entire experience and believe there’s a great Rom Com novel I can get out of it. LOL.

All fodder beloveds. All great flippin’ fodder. (Romans 8:28). Plus, I’m an INFP personality type – very introverted and need a lot of recharging time so that makes it more comical <= Well, not in real life but for story purposes.

Anyway, the law is true. When I just want a little extra writing time, whilst the family is sleeping, and I try to be oh so quiet, by golly, I make so much noise. E.g bump into stuff, drop stuff, etc. etc. etc. then here they come needing stuff from me, and bye bye for now writing time.

Such is the life of a writer.


Writers, ignore the odds and write those books

mglit author

I read so much on “only this teeny tiny percentage of writers are ever successful.” I ignore every such claim. Proceed to pretend you didn’t just read that and write on!

Storytelling and character creation isn’t anything a writer can just exorcise from within.  It is part of who we are – woven into DNA – and stifling it can literally make us depressed and unwell.

So, my debut novel, a middle grade action adventure mystery type, is coming out later this year, and I’m beyond excited about it. And because I’m me, my mind has been working over time about everything that entails.

That entire thought wormhole led me to want to narrate my own book. <= Again, some say that’s  a ‘no no’ to which I say, I don’t care. I love breaking every rule regarding what the mainstream tries to dictate about writing to do’s and don’ts. All of it hinders me. Makes me think too much. Messes with my writing anyway.

Life has shaped me into a warrior. Especially life as a frugal-by-necessity single mom (in my case solo mom…as I’ve raised my son alone…as in haven’t co-parented since my son was a toddler. He is now 15 <= a long sad harrowing story that is too long to tell).

So I have learned how to do stuff, figuring it all out as I go. And the stuff I will be figuring out involves this great thing I picked up from the library today for one of my character voices…Acting With An Accent….

kidlit mglit author

It’s a book/CD combo for a particular accent (labeled on the side), but that part is still a surprise. The audiobook version won’t release when the paperback and eBook release but hopefully within a few months after.

Write on warriors. Ignore the naysayers and haters and write on!

On that note…one of my favorite songs…suits this warrior well: