‘Messy Chef’ dog lover t-shirts

I’ve been too busy to create as much as I’d like, but my sweet dog who always lingers when I cook inspired this one.

She knows something good is about to happen – me dropping a delicious morsel for her.

messy chef happy dog

messy chef answer to dogs prayers



A prayer for writers – Rejection – Luke 17:25 – #amwriting #prayersforwriters

Luke 17 25


A simple web search on ‘famous authors and rejection’ will reveal many instances where they too labored and toiled over their beloved stories and writings only to be rejected. Sometimes over and over again.

It is part of the writing life not to be loved by all readers. But these authors persevered and kept writing because they knew that ‘author’ was part of their life’s story.

Whether trying to get published traditionally or not having much success selling your self-published book(s), remember the long history of writers that have gone before you that were also rejected. But at the appointed time achieved success.

And we can remember the rejection of the Original Author, Jesus, the most famous author of all time who has been rejected over and over [Luke 17:25], but then take comfort knowing that millions have loved His love story to us all as well.


Lord, help me to persevere despite rejection and seemingly huge book fails. Help me to trust in Your timing and plan for my life regarding my writing and its success. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

A prayer for writers – Deuteronomy 30:9 – #amwriting #prayersforwriters

Deu 30 9


Writers work hard, putting their hearts, minds, and souls into their work of words – all with the belief that they were created to use words in some way as a part of their purpose.


Lord, I have worked hard on my stories because writing is that thing I must do. When You wove me together, You knitted ‘writer’ into my DNA. I have been obedient to my calling and purpose, and I ask that You bless all the work of my hands, that You bless and prosper my writing. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

A prayer for writers – Habakkuk 2:2

Habakkuk 2 2


Whether fiction or non-fiction, words are powerful and can build up or tear down. Stories have the power to change lives and touch hearts.


Lord, show me the vision You’d have me write – words to bless, bring laughter and joy, touch hearts, open eyes, and even change lives. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, amen.